10 Mar 2014

Canis Vertex - First Knight of Prospero

Hi guys, Learn2Eel here with a look at the beginning of my new Warhammer 40000 army; Imperial Knights! I splurged the cash and came home with this lovely little walker, and despite being my first Knight, I couldn't help but convert it up! I hope you like the Knight!

The Name
My Knights are going to be based on the Legio Astorum Titan Legion heraldy and colours as one of their order in particular has great significance with the Thousand Sons Legion. During the Great Crusade, a great conflict broke out between the Thousand Sons and the Orks, with the Legio Astorum aiding the former in this terrible war. Despite the total victory of Imperial forces, all titans committed by the Legio Astorum to the battle were destroyed. The last of these was a Warlord Titan, the Canis Vertex, a titan that was restored and left as a monument above one of the Thousand Sons temple shrines dedicated to the Pyrae psychic cult. As my first Knight of a House that is destined to aid the Thousand Sons through the Great Crusade and into the beginnings of the Horus Heresy (my next 40K army will be 30K Thousand Sons!) it is fitting to name it after the revered savior titan. Other future Knights of Prospero will bear unique names inspired by the Thousand Sons, though all will share the heraldy of the Legio Astorum.

The Model

As you may have figured out by now, my Knight is definitely not a standard one. I love kit-bashing and converting, even on new kits that I haven't had prior experience with, and the Knight gave me some big opportunities. I had a spare Wraithknight blade lying around from my two Wraithknight kits, so I added it to where the chainsword usually sits. It wasn't until later that I figured I could mount the battle cannon atop its hull, leading to the chainsword on the other arm and the battle cannon all the way up top. From there, I decorated it with normal stuff. Really, it was an easy - albeit rough - conversion. I need to do some green-stuffing around where the battle cannon is mounted and where the chainsword is attached to the right arm, but other than that, I think it came out pretty well. Future Knights are going to stick to the usual formula though - the First Knight of Prospero is the greatest Knight of Prospero, after all! Indeed, Canis Vertex will be the Warlord of my Knightly House, and will serve the Thousand Sons in their most dire battles against the scum and filth of Xenos.

And that's all for now guys! I'm going to be giving updates on how my Knightly House, the Knights of Prospero, perform in battle so that I can lead into an Imperial Knight Tactica down the line. I'll also post up painting progress pictures of Canis Vertex as the ever helpful Mr Jax gets down and dirty with it! If you guys are interested to see some more interesting Knights, I do have a bit of a Thousand Son themed surprise Knight in store. I hope you liked this little look at my First Knight of Prospero!


  1. Oh glorious and mighty Learn2Eel please help a humble servant with his humble question! I have the money for either a resplendent Imperial Knight or a mighty Baneblade, but not the means to buy both at once. Pray, tell me which model would be a better choice? Thank you!

    1. This is the perspective of someone who owns both models; I recommend the Imperial Knight if you want the best looking model.The Baneblade might be bigger and iconic but the Knight is just SO PRETTY! I hope that helps mate!

    2. I'm sorry, when I asked you which one I should buy I should have told you that I wanted the most effective one. Prettiness is great, but I wanted to know which one was better overall in terms of combat effectiveness, I'm so sorry for the miscommunication.

    3. Oh right, sorry! The Baneblade has more guns for sure, but the Knight is faster and can smash things with a Destroyer melee weapon. For survivability the Baneblade obviously wins out, but the Knight is significantly cheaper points wise as well. I think you can't go wrong with either, honestly, but a Knight might be better as it is still incredibly nasty and lets you spend an extra 175 points or more elsewhere.

    4. I would recommend to go for the Sword-Builds (Banesword/Shadowsword/Stormsword). The Main weapon should be changeable when properly magnatized which would give you a good package for the money.

      The Strenth D, 5" Template the Shadowsword is throwing, usually insta-kills every normal vehicle and taking up to 12 HP from Super Heavys. About 4 in average.
      When running a game of Apocalypse this would be my build to go for.