23 Apr 2013

High Elves Rules Leak

Hey guys, Learn2Eel here with a special look at some leaked rules from the new High Elves army book! If you, like me, are a collector of High Elves - or just a Warhammer Fantasy player in general - then I am sure these following rules will be very interesting. Also, the revelation of just who the army book author is will blow you away. Enjoy!

Courtesy of our friends from Spain, we've had a big rumour leak from the White Dwarf, as well as confirmations of new models and previous rumours. I've attempted to translate all of this juicy information, but given I don't speak Spanish myself, the translations won't be entirely accurate. With that in mind, here are my thoughts from +Bell of Lost Souls for you to enjoy!

Almost without rest (new to home), we bring you the latest rumors of High Elves, just visualize in Marcus Beli, here ...

- New type of character the Sea Guard can ride a flying chariot (NdT: normal hero and special character? Would explain certain things, among others that can carry banner)

- The Lord of Knowledge of Hoeth is a choice of commander and is a Level 2 wizard who knows all the identification of knowledge of the rules

- The Phoenix is chuck snort as winds of magic. If they die, revive with 6.

- Reapers and Helms in Basic.

- Bolt thrower remain unique

- The attribute of knowledge of High Magic is "Saphery shield" special grants a 6 + ward save if you already have the improvements at a point (NdT: Rule WTF? Stunned: this is radio, to the unit or the wizard?)

- White Lions and Swordmasters retain the ASP (NdT: must see if this simply overrides ASL or actually allows re-rolls to hit)

- The phoenix can go with or without a rider: the fire is devoted to Asuryan, the ice Caradryan (NdT:?)

- Sisters of Avelorn: magical bows.

- One thing that gets the table phoenix Winds of Magic is TSE 4 +

Through Gas_Monkey82 on Twitter:

- Lions carts are stubborn.

- SAP, Value of Ages (NdT: what makes us repeat checks against EO?) And Dexterity are the rules Marcial (NdT: I think the SAP is to attack in order inicitiva relocate no matter what weapon I do not think be repeated for impactr too).

-No Intrigues of the Court.

-Lord of Knowledge: HA6 A3 H3

- Character walk Asuryan Anointed. Possibly be built with the Phoenix housing or a new plastic blister (which makes me think that we will have marks, or some kind of honor as to convert the characters in different types.)

- The flying chariot called "Furrow of Heaven" (literally: Carriage cortacielos)

- The attribute of knowledge is not passive, but affects friendly units when they are casting a spell (remember: the 6 + tse tse or raise a point).

- The Phoenix are called "spiral-scroll of fire / ice heart"

- Only Caradryan can mount the ice phoenix, while Asuryan be anointed another rider.

- The phoenix bufean depending on the winds of magic. One of them is the tse 4 +.

- "Guard Helm of the Sea" is a new option is the hero and who can mount the "Furrow of Heaven".

- Sisters of Avelorn are unique magical bows that shoot "fire witch".

- The basic and Silver Helms will Ellyriones and "militia" (NdT: confused

- The kit is 10 Shadow Warriors minis (NdT: if ellyriones basic pass, will have to see if these are in basic or special)

- The Banner of the World Dragon could be "bought" a slide without battle, but do not know what will

- Teachers may tse6 + only against projectiles.

- The upgrade has Everqueen or second character, called its "hand maiden" (hand maid right) appears to be a bodyguard.


- The rule of knowledge: tse 6 + or better from one point if it already exists

- Two identifying:

Postponing souls difficulty 8 + / 16 +. 18 "reach. 2d6/4d6 S4 hits (magic missile)

Drain Magic: Increase and curse at the same time. Diff 7 + and stays in play (not know the details yet)

The 1, namely:

Apotheosis (5 + / 12 +). A single model 18 "
Retrieves a wound herida/D3

Spell number?: Hand of Glory. 5 + / 10 +
Increases HA / HP / I / M in one or D3.

Advance Order on April 27, the final departure May 4

- Lord of Knowledge: € 12

- Flying Boat: € 34.50

- The Eternal Maiden Queen (character): 10 €

- Sisters of Avelorn: € 29.50

- Shadowy: € 29.50

- Phoenix: € 34.50

- Army Book 34 €

- Alarielle 12 €

- Uniforms & Heraldry of High Elves (English) - $ 33.00

- High Elves Loremaster of Hoeth - $ 20.00

- Improved Chrace Shields (pack) - $ 18.00

- Battalion - $ 120.00

- High Elf Magic Cards (Ingl├ęs) - $ 6.00

By the way, the author of the book is ... yes, Matt Ward!

And my thoughts on the matter;

So, what I'm able to make out (my summary and thoughts);

*New Sea Guard special character: we already new this, just whether or not it was a generic hero or not. Well, it appears it can also be used as a generic hero and a BSB, which is awesome.
*Sounds like the Lord of Knowledge is a Lord (lol) choice, and I assume that bit at the end means (s)he knows all the signature spells from every lore, as rumoured.
*Hard to make out, but it appears that - like other units before it - the 'power' of the Phoenix is based upon Winds of Magic rolls, with a roll of a six reviving it - or a separate roll? That's pretty awesome, with a 1/3 chance to revive them in each of your magic phases if that is how it works.
*'Reapers' obviously alludes to Ellyrion Reavers, and Silver Helms are obvious. So, we now have two cavalry units in Core. Awesome! Makes doing an all-cavalry army not only possible, but worthwhile with two divergent themes (light cavalry or heavy cavalry).
*Bolt Thrower is still rare.
*The signature spell for High Magic is Shield of Saphery now, and instead of a +5 ward save it provides a +6 that stacks with other things - much like the Mark of Tzeentch. The blurb at the end may be saying that it is to a specific model - either the mage or a unit, unsure.
*Yes! White Lions and Swordmasters (logically, and thankfully) retain Speed of Asuryan, but as the author notes, it is unknown whether it works as it does currently - my bet is on no, as White Lions and Swordmasters were already the best in their class as far as heavy infantry wielding great weapons.
*So the Phoenix has different dedications, but the latter is interesting; Caradryan? Is there an Elven deity named Caradryan or is it actually referring to the Captain of the Phoenix Guard?
*Ah, so they aren't Maiden Guard after all. As expected here.
*I've no idea what the last part is talking about, save that it refers to the Phoenix and Winds of Magic again - maybe a specific table for a Phoenix where the result is based on a Winds of Magic roll?

*That's a good buff to Lion Chariots.
*It appears Speed of Asuryan is strike at Initiative regardless of weapon, but no Always Strikes First as High Elves used to be - a previously rumoured and much welcomed change. Valour of Ages is probably unchanged. No idea what Dexterity is given Speed of Asuryan is still there.
*Thank goodness for that...
*I think that is - Weapon Skill, Wounds, Attacks, but I'm not entirely sure. If so, that looks like the 'Swordmaster Mage' is a Lord choice.
*A new character with unique special rules?
*That's a cool name.
*Oh, my bad. It appears Shield of Saphery is the Lore Attribute, not the signature spell. Well, that's cool - it protects you as you are casting spells, which is a cool and fluffy way to show the control of magic High Elves have.
*Cool names.
*Ah, it appears the ice phoenix is indeed dedicated to the hero Caradryan. That's pretty sick. Whilst the 'Anointed by Asuryan' character - a Phoenix Guard character, by the sounds of it - is the only one that can ride the fire phoenix.
*Sounds like one of the buffs for a Phoenix based on the winds of magic roll is a +4 ward save (going off of earlier writing for Shield of Saphery).
*The name for the Sea Guard character I presume.
*Fire witch? Any guesses?
*(jump to Banner of the World Dragon) Again, no idea here.
*I presume this is referring to Sword Masters with their 'parry' save against shooting.

*High Elves have two Signature Spells....interesting. One is a standard magic missile with some decent casting values. The other is the old classic, but no word on changes.
*That's neat. A cheap spell that restores D3 wounds to a single model - a great boon for our typically fragile characters and monster mounts.
*Huh, a buff spell in the vein of Melkoth's Mystifying Miasma. It appears to buff Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Initiative and Movement by one or D3 - it appears to be all of them regardless of which casting value is used (awesome!), but the D3 is the higher casting value. An incredibly cheap spell too, which is pretty awesome.
*Again....Matt Ward? Wow. Well, his fantasy books have been pretty controversial, though his 40K books are typically works of class. If he makes all of the units competitive, or at least most of them - which is what he excels at - I will be very happy.

So....Matt Ward, huh? Very interesting indeed!


  1. you do know its the fluff writer not the rule writer that get his name on the book....

    1. I think the author that gets their name on the book is more the project lead than anything else, but yes I think a lot of people do unfairly attribute the rules of certain codices to each main 'author'. However, it has been noted that each codex from certain authors follows similar trends, so I actually wonder if each team leader manages the same team for all of their codices and army books. It would make sense and explain why each of them has a distinct 'style'. Ward's army books and codices tend to have pretty strong internal balance - one of his main 'themes' - so I'm happy to hope that High Elves get a similar treatment!

      Thanks for your comment by the way :)