24 Aug 2014

Nagash and the End Times

Hey guys, I've got a quick update today with some exciting news. Obviously by now I think everyone will have seen the new Nagash model, his rules and possibly also the leaks concerning future releases - the Blood Queen, progenitor of all Vampires, is returning! As a Vampire Counts player following the Lahmian blood-line this is irresistible news for me and it means my Undead army is coming back in full force after several months of inactivity. While Warhammer 40,000 is very much my focus at the moment with Astra Militarum, Orks, Space Wolves and now Grey Knights still to sift through, my attention will be somewhat diverted to Warhammer Fantasy during these exciting few months.

You can expect a full review of the Undead Legion army list, Nagash himself and the various characters within the coming weeks - seeing as there shouldn't be too much to discuss in terms of full rules I feel I can get this particular review finished in a short time and then move on to other projects. We will see how it works out though as I am notoriously terrible when it comes to fulfilling blog-related promises! As a side note, at 1000 points Nagash may seem prohibitively expensive but from what I have seen the Great Necromancer is easily the most powerful special character in Warhammer Fantasy now and his points cost reflects that! With all that said, have a nice day and I hope you enjoy my Astra Militarum: Chimera article to be released later today!

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