6 May 2015

Internet Issues

Hey guys, just a quick update; there will be a delay on future blog posts due to some unexpected internet connection issues our local area has suffered through lately. As I am currently posting from my phone, you can understand that writing full-on blog posts without using a proper keyboard just isn't possible. I'll put up the next Eldar post when I can!

4 May 2015

Eldar - Codex Summary Part III

Welcome all to the third entry in my Codex: Eldar summary and review! While the HQ slot obviously provides Eldar forces with natural leaders and awesome psykers, the Troops slot nonetheless forms the crucial core of the army whether as part of a Combined Arms detachment or when using the all-new Craftworld Warhost detachment. Some codices are hamstrung deeply by their lack of versatility in the Troops slot or even any really solid choices, but this is most definitely not the case with Eldar; all units are solid at worst and some are counted among the best Troops squads in the entirety of Warhammer 40,000. As a veteran of many other armies, this kind of luxury should not go unappreciated as it makes such a huge difference to designing lists that are both fun and competitive at every level of play. I hope you enjoy this article!