24 Jun 2015

Blood Angels Codex Summary Part III

Greetings all and gird yourselves for the war that is reading snarky tactics posts based on a tabletop war-game! The Blood Angels might be left shocked and disparate after the recent Adeptus Astartes codex releases, but in my opinion they are still at the very least a decent 7th Edition book that competes well with the pre-Necrons style of codices.

20 Jun 2015

Blood Angels Codex Summary Part II

More Blood Angels! What more could you possibly want? Oh, a Space Marine Codex review? Stay tuned...

12 Jun 2015

Eldar - Codex Summary Part V

Howdy all and welcome to the last Eldar Codex Summary article! Delays aside, let us begin.

7 Jun 2015

Current Projects and Return

Howdy all! I'll not bore you with a long introduction so I'll just skip to the meat of this update; my internet issues are resolved, I've had a much needed break from blogging and I've been able to pay greater attention to my personal hobby projects. Fortunately, Games Workshop hasn't taken a rest at all and as such I have plenty of work to get through still; I need to complete my final Eldar article, then I have to cover Harlequins, Skitarii, Cult Mechanicus, Blood Angels, Imperial Knights, the four Imperial Assassins, Khorne Daemonkin and soon-to-be both Space Marines and Dark Angels. Additionally, I've been tearing my hear out in excitement at the much-awaited reveal of the Age of Sigmar, while getting my video gaming groove on with the Witcher 3. All in all, it's been a fine month - barring the sleep deprivation and sickness - and I'm eager to start again!

Eldar - Codex Summary Part IV

Greetings all, welcome to the fourth article in my Eldar Codex Summary series! Given that the wait for this article has been massive due to my internet shortage problems, I'll skip the usual meaty introduction and go right into the review!