7 Jun 2015

Current Projects and Return

Howdy all! I'll not bore you with a long introduction so I'll just skip to the meat of this update; my internet issues are resolved, I've had a much needed break from blogging and I've been able to pay greater attention to my personal hobby projects. Fortunately, Games Workshop hasn't taken a rest at all and as such I have plenty of work to get through still; I need to complete my final Eldar article, then I have to cover Harlequins, Skitarii, Cult Mechanicus, Blood Angels, Imperial Knights, the four Imperial Assassins, Khorne Daemonkin and soon-to-be both Space Marines and Dark Angels. Additionally, I've been tearing my hear out in excitement at the much-awaited reveal of the Age of Sigmar, while getting my video gaming groove on with the Witcher 3. All in all, it's been a fine month - barring the sleep deprivation and sickness - and I'm eager to start again!

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