13 May 2016

Codex Skitarii - Ironstrider Ballistarii

Greetings fellow wargamers to my analysis of the Ironstrider Ballistarii from Codex Skitarii! These war machines are to Sydonian Dragoons what Devastators are to Assault Marines; they trade close combat brutality for precise strikes from afar and are truly capable of surprising opponents. I hope you enjoy this article!

8 May 2016

Dawn of War 3 Theories and Notes

Hey guys, I'm sure all of you have heard the news by now but for those that haven't, go check out the Dawn of War Youtube channel for the greatly anticipated announcement of Dawn of War 3! Now, it's an amazing CGI trailer that reveals a few important tidbits about what will feature in the game itself but ultimately I'm taking more interest in what the trailer doesn't display up front - what is purposefully being hidden from us. I hope you enjoy this article!

If you don't want to sift through all of this, my theory - one that I'm now all but certain in - is that the Necrons will be a secret faction in the game. 

6 May 2016

The Iron Circle Mini-Review

Hey everyone, I've just finished writing up the unit analysis for the as-yet unreleased Iron Circle - the giant robotic retinue of Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors - and decided that the entry was large enough to justify its own breathing room rather than acting as a stealth addition to a months-old piece. I can see this unit becoming very popular based on their looks and intimidation factor alone as doubtless every Iron Warriors player will want to add them to their model collection, but be warned - they aren't quite as scary in practice as their stature would imply. I hope you enjoy this article!

Editors' Note - This is a review of a Horus Heresy unit and thus it is written mostly in the context of gaming in the Age of Darkness rather than Warhammer 40,000.

5 May 2016

Warhammer 40,000 FAQ Main Points

Hey guys, got a quick little update; the FAQ drafts for the Warhammer 40,000 core rulebook (not the codices) are up now on their Facebook page! I made some quick impressions for these and my gut reactions, excuse the bad grammar and overuse of capitalization - I'm very tired and excitable at the time of writing! These are my biggest take-aways from the FAQ....some are truly ground-shaking. Witchfires that have no profile hit automatically - this most prominently includes Psychic Shriek. Flying Monstrous Creatures and all Gargantuan Creatures can't claim cover by simply standing in terrain. Units can only use a single Grenade in the Assault Phase just like the Shooting Phase. The debate about Gargantuan Creatures firing two or more weapons has finally been settled - they shoot all of them, not just two (the common sense ruling thankfully - no offence to those that believed otherwise but how on earth did you honestly think that the Stormsurge was given eight weapons and intended only to use two at a time?) Tau Battlesuits now benefit from their Multi-Trackers when firing Overwatch. Skyfiring Blast and Template weapons can hit Zooming Flyers and Swooping Flying Monstrous Creatures. Solo models can charge multiple units at the same time as a disordered charge. Special rules that specify "the unit" now affect attached Independent Characters. The dreaded "1+ Feel No Pain" is no more. Battle Brothers can't deploy inside of each others' transports. I think I can say this with all honesty; the landscape of 7th Edition has been irrevocably changed, and this is just the beginning as we still don't have the army-specific updates. I am very interested in reading your reactions to the FAQ and the changes/clarifications they have made, there's too much to take in right now but I'm definitely going to be debating these for a while to come. Have at it and thank you for reading my incoherent ramblings!

Editors' Note: Apologies for the text format, copy-pasting from Facebook does not work well apparently. Damned text backgrounds.

3 May 2016

Codex Skitarii - Sydonian Dragoons

Howdy there folks and welcome to another entry in my Codex Skitarii Tactica series! While they've drawn many parallels to a particular bipedal machine from another science fiction setting, Sydonian Dragoons and Ironstrider Ballistarii are undeniably the Adeptus Mechanicus successors to the beloved Astra Militarum Sentinel cohorts, functioning as lightly armored walkers designed for scouting the battlefield and harassing enemy positions. I hope you enjoy this analysis of the first of those two Skitarii vehicles!

1 May 2016

Codex Skitarii - Sicarian Infiltrators

In the long awaited sequel to the fourth entry in the franchise, the hero rises again to confront the same villain in a visually stunning clash of epic proportions.....oh, sorry, that's my plug for a clowny movie starring shape-shifting robots. Speaking of machines, here's a new Skitarii review for you; I hope you enjoy it!