23 Feb 2015

Delays and 1 Million Views

Hey guys, just a quick update on the lack of posts in recent days. I've had huge sleep deprivation issues for over a week now and have just finished up at a local tournament, suffice it to say I need rest and a break from the blog. Normal post times should resume within the week. Sorry for the delay!

By the by, if you have yet to notice our life-to-date views counter on the website, we have surpassed the one million view mark as of a few weeks ago! That we have been active for roughly two years and achieved such a milestone is a huge accomplishment and I couldn't be more grateful for all of our support from everyone. You make this blog worth preserving and are the sole reason we exist! Thank you so much!

19 Feb 2015

Necrons - Unit Overview Part III

This is Report #363 my Lord. Our forces continue their march across the galaxy, the deathless legions proving unstoppable in our newly organized Decurions. The machine binds these warriors to your will, my Lord, for the mind is empty. With your guidance, they shall conquer the stars. Glory awaits the dead.

16 Feb 2015

Necrons - Unit Overview Part II

This is Report #362 my Lord. Your analysis has been implemented into our doctrines and we can now commit to further military efforts across the fallen kingdoms. Legion commanders display improved individual combat efficiency between 39 to 89 day cycles after reawakening. The reclamation process will continue. We reap the living in your name, my Lord. We are deathless and none can stand before us.

13 Feb 2015

Necrons - Unit Overview Part I

This is Report #361 my Lord. The reclamation process is proceeding with an 89% success rate. Adapted tactics have increased our legions' combat efficiency two-fold. despite the mortals' inferior technological advancements. The living shall be cleansed, my Lord. Our dominion of death is unstoppable.

10 Feb 2015

Grey Knights - Unit Overview Part IV

Greetings brothers and sisters and welcome to my latest work regarding our fellow Knights of Titan, the Grey Knights! While this particular entry in the series won't actually feature any individual unit reviews, it still fits in with my miniature-review and as such I felt it prudent to cover the artefacts and formations on offer in the codex. Thankfully, the Grey Knights do have an excellent unique detachment that acts as a catalyst for enhanced competitive lists with its focus on short-ranged destruction and maximising the safety of each unit after they perform their individual alpha strikes. I hope you enjoy this article!

6 Feb 2015

Grey Knights - Unit Overview Part III

Greetings all and welcome to the third article in my Grey Knight Unit Overview series! I will be covering the Heavy Support and Lord of War choices from the latest codex, determining their competitive value and providing miniature unit analysis' for ease of viewing. I hope you enjoy this short addition to my Grey Knight review!

3 Feb 2015

Grey Knights - Unit Overview Part II

Hello there everyone and welcome to the second part of my Grey Knight Unit Overview series! As I pointed out in my prior review, the codex is surprisingly handy and fun to play around with even with all the sadly justified negative reception it received at release. The Elites section remains one of the stronger suppliers of competitive choices for the Grey Knight codex and will often form a sizable part of your overall points investment into the faction, though disappointingly the Fast Attack portion of the codex is not as worthy of your attention. I hope you enjoy this article!