30 Aug 2015

Orks Tactica - Trukk

Greetings all and welcome to a long overdue return to my Ork Tactica! A world of pain awaits those that underestimate the lowly Ork Trukk, specifically when they are part of a multitude of highly mobile and aggressive units which usually populate competitive greenskin forces nowadays. Also, just a quick note; I will complete the Ork series in the same style as the previous articles so that the series has a sense of continuity, while I will adapt any potential changes into the Space Marine series. I hope you enjoy this article!

26 Aug 2015

Honesty and the Future

It is a fine day when I can finally type out the words "greetings friends" once more on an Imperator Guides post, though truthfully I've been secretly dreading having to return to the responsibility I feel this blog mandates. Before I begin to elaborate any further though, I want to quickly warn you that this won't be one of my usual pixie-thin status updates saying that 'yeah, I'm ok, I was a bit suck but I'm fine' only to disappear a few weeks later in a rush much like each time a Grey Knight hears the words "Daemon" and "nearby", usually in that order. Prepare yourself for an eye-straining, unfathomably large wall of text all to do with yours truly in which I will try to answer the more obvious questions I sense are searing your minds presently. This is the kind of raw honesty that you all deserve.

Blood Angels Codex Summary Part V

The finale, the encore. Be prepared!
This is the last work in progress I had before my prolonged break and so I've merely added the finishing touches to it so as to elevate it to a state of readiness; the sister post to this article will fully cover my unreliability over the past year and what is really happening right now with everything related to Imperator Guides. In any case, hopefully you find some measure of usefulness from this aging work of mine covering a nearly year-old codex!

I Return to Serve