About Us

Hello and welcome to Imperator Guides! We are currently a NFP organization dedicated to the tabletop war gaming industry, with the aim to provide free information and advice that we hope you'll find useful!

Imperator Industries and its subsidiary, Imperator Guides, were conceived in January of 2013 - we are a family funded, owned and operated group that works to assist the community in every way we can.
We launched our site on the 8th of February 2013 following extensive work on the design, layout and content of the site.
Here are the people that make up Imperator Industries:
Jack - Hey guys, I'm Jack White (aka Learn2Eel) and I am an author for Imperator Industries. I have long been a fan of Warhammer 40000, and have collected many unique armies. I am often found playing games, commonly with Tyranids or Vampire Counts, at my local Games Workshop - I live for gaming! I am in the process of building up a new Imperial Knight army while continuing to work on my other armies such as Eldar and Crimson Fists. I hope my extensive experience in the hobby can help you build up your forces and achieve more victories than losses!
Jax - Hey guys, my name is Jax Tolmen (better known as JT) and I am the principle coder and administrator of Imperator Industries/Imperator Guides and have been involved in the table top war -gaming hobby for 10-11 years. I currently own an unpainted Blood Angels army, a fully painted (but tiny) Imperial Fists 5th company detachment as well as some of The Purge to fulfil my dreams of being an evil genius! I recently started up a Warriors of Chaos army and finished a whole Tau force, though my current projects are based around some awesome painting commissions. You can contact me through Facebook via the site's page, or through our email - provided on the contacts page.

Megavalhalla - Greetings fellow nerds, I have been involved in the hobby for nine years and counting. I live for hobby, such as painting, reading and occasionally playing 40k games. So far I have collected many armies such as Necrons, Tyranids and a wide variety of Space Marines. I am also a huge fan of FPS and RTS games such as Starcraft 2 and Borderlands. My armies are generally based on how the army feels and the models that are currently available, only the best for me! I like to play themed lists and player friendly games as playing OP and broken lists often ruins the game for me.