30 Apr 2013

Mobile Suit Riptide Wing Omega 2 Super Cross - (Its finished)

   Hello everyone, JT here with a somewhat ridiculously named article having just surfaced from my hobby cave after a formidable two week bender of commissions and painting the suitably gigantic Riptide for L2E, like the good friend I am. In a way, the Riptide was somewhat difficult to paint due to the sheer size of it and the fact that there isn't a kit quite like it in GW's range.

   The good news is that I did manage to swing L2E into letting me dictate the colour scheme and my methods of painting - since he inescapably makes it quite clear to me he shall never paint his army - so I elected to continue my urban camouflage scheme that I trialled on a mere fire warrior.

28 Apr 2013

Index Praetor - Because Knowledge Is Power

   Hey guys JT here with a very special announcement; judging by our dramatically increasing number of views I have ascertained that many of you would not have been around for the initial announcement of our completely free WH40K starter guide, with break downs of the strengths and weaknesses of each army as well as game - play tips to aid the newcomers to our wonderful community. We will be discussing the guide as we move closer to an eventual release and detailing some of the features - for now, we have a cool yet irrelevant teaser trailer thing over at Youtube as well as a logo.

27 Apr 2013

High Elves - Rules Central!

Hey guys, Learn2Eel here with a special update; we've got a host of High Elves stuff for you, and it isn't fake! We've had a lot of confirmed details leaked over the past day, both from the White Dwarf and the preview images of the codex on the iBook store. Enjoy!

Tau Tactica - Heavy Support

Hey there everyone, I'm Learn2Eel and I am thrilled to discuss the highly useful Heavy Support choices from the new Tau codex! I hope you find this an entertaining and insightful read.

23 Apr 2013

Another Update

Hey guys, Learn2Eel again, and I just wanted to let you all know that the Heavy Support section has been delayed due to some erratic issues I've been having with Blogger, as well as those I've been having earlier. Just an FYI on why it is a bit later than usual. It should hopefully be up by Friday or Saturday; thanks for the support, and sorry for the inconvenience!

High Elves Rules Leak

Hey guys, Learn2Eel here with a special look at some leaked rules from the new High Elves army book! If you, like me, are a collector of High Elves - or just a Warhammer Fantasy player in general - then I am sure these following rules will be very interesting. Also, the revelation of just who the army book author is will blow you away. Enjoy!

20 Apr 2013

Tau Tactica - Fast Attack

Hey there everyone, I'm Learn2Eel, and I am here to talk about the new Tau! This time, I want to discuss the much expanded Fast Attack section of the codex; with a handful of entirely new units and some significant changes to previous ones, this part of the book is still very much the preferred avenue for Markerlights owing to the sheer quantity and cost of the units fielding them.

19 Apr 2013

Another Quick Update

Hey guys, Learn2Eel here just to give you a heads up; the Fast Attack section has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, and should be up within the next two days. Thank you for your patience.

17 Apr 2013

Tau Tactica - Elites

Hey guys, I'm Learn2Eel and today I am here to talk about our improved - or new - Elites slots, home to some of the most versatile units you can find in the codex in terms of potential equipment and weaponry. Wherever your Tau force is lacking, the Elites slot is the place to find the antidote to that problem; they are a remedy that strikes like a viper and then retreats to safety. I hope you enjoy this article and find it an insightful read!

14 Apr 2013

Tau Tactica - Troops and Dedicated Transports

Hey all, I'm Learn2Eel and I am back to discuss the might of the resurgent Tau Empire! This time, I am focusing on the Troops choices - the meat of a Tau force, and where a lot of their firepower comes from. Given that there is only one dedicated transport in the codex, I also thought I would do the nice thing of lumping it in the very bare Troops slot. I hope you find this article both enjoyable and informative!

13 Apr 2013

A Quick Update

Hey guys, Learn2Eel here with a bit of sorry news. Owing to recent illness and stress, I've had to postpone work on the Tau (and Necron and Horus Heresy) Tacticas until further notice. Hopefully I should be ready to go for tomorrow; I've completed most of the Tau Troops article, so that should go up hopefully tonight. Sorry for the delay. Have a nice day all! Cheers.

11 Apr 2013

MegaV - Smelling Tau themed Plastic Crack

Tau… at long last!

Greetings from the insane mind of Megavalhalla and today I have something quite nice for you all
today… a review on the new Tau miniatures and codex. Let me start off by saying that no, I am not a
bitch anime fan who is into Mecha suits who loves Gundam Wing… I am a no
rmal war mongering hate
fuelled typical 40k fan who cannot be any more against the greater good. For starters I do not believe in
a fascist regime, hence I am not a stereotype… the idea offends me.

9 Apr 2013

Tau Tactica - HQs

Hey all, I am Learn2Eel and I am thrilled to be discussing an army that I have collected for over ten years, being my favourite when I was a child and imbibed with a passion I still feel to this day - the might of the Tau Empire is here, ready to expand once more for the Greater Good! Today, I have an in depth review of the many HQs in the new codex, and what their capabilities and uses are. For those curious about Tau Drones, I will be covering them in their own separate review. I hope you enjoy this article!

Tau Tactica - Army Special Rules

Hey guys, I am Learn2Eel and I am here with the introductory section of my Tau Tactica! Though this isn't a fully formed article like the rest of the Tactica, given how crowded it was trying to place it in the HQ article, I felt it needed its own space. I hope you enjoy this brief review of the distinct special rules and Warlord traits the Tau share. For the Greater Good!

8 Apr 2013

The Heldrake - Six Months On

Howdy all, I'm Learn2Eel and today I want to talk about the dreaded Heldrake, fiend of the skies. One of the most feared and discussed units in the game right now, today's article focuses on just how amazing the difference between looking at a unit from the perspective of averages and actually using it can be, with a comparison between my initial review of the mechanical dragon and my present thoughts. There's no doubt that the Heldrake has sent ripples throughout the 6th Edition meta-game owing to the mere potential of its appearance, with the trend of foot-based Infantry or Bike armies becoming so prevalent and yet countered so strongly by the winged terror. I hope you enjoy this throw-back article!

7 Apr 2013

Mobile Suit Riptide Wing

   Hey guys, JT here with all the shiz niz on the giant new Gundam/Tau model; the XV - 104 Riptide! As L2E mentioned in his quick break down of the Tau Codex, he has passed along this glorious new mech to me to put together, tinker with, paint and review for the greater good of the interwebz; L2E will be including a break down of the rules in the forthcoming Tau Tactica series.
   I will also be discussing the colour scheme I've chosen for my burgeoning Tau force, and how I went about doing it on my test model.

6 Apr 2013

The Tau Arrive - Initial Impressions

Hey all, Learn2Eel here and I've got a special article for you all today; I've had the Tau codex in my hands for several hours now, and after a long look through the book, I am pleased to give you my initial thoughts on what I am sure will be a strong 6th Edition codex. I mostly focus on the new units this time, as well as some neat tricks, just so that I don't flood the article too much whilst I prepare my full Tactica series. Enjoy!

5 Apr 2013

Playing With Necrons

Hey all, Learn2Eel here with yet another article looking at my super cool little skeletal buddies, the Necrons, and my experience with them so far in the realm of battle. Enjoy!

3 Apr 2013

MegaV - Chains of Golgotha and The Death of Antagonis Reviews

Chains of Golgotha Review

Megavalhalla here with another book review, to all you hard core BL fans and others who might just not
like reading. This is a ‘novella’ as GW calls, 120 pages of mini hardback costing me here in Australia a
whopping $25, so pricey…
I have to say, I was a bit let down by all of that cost, But David doesn’t disappoint when it comes to story

Tau Codex - Leaked Images!

Hey all, Learn2Eel here with a quick and nice preview of some leaked Tau rules! Enjoy!

1 Apr 2013

My Necrons - Construction is Fun!

Howdy all, I'm Learn2Eel and I'm here again to talk about my lovely skeletal robots from space! Today, I'm going to discuss what building these models has been like, what I think of their overall design, and all of the nice little touches that give them a stylistic and thematic link to Ancient Egyptian culture. Enjoy! Also, HAPPY EASTER!!!