3 Apr 2013

Tau Codex - Leaked Images!

Hey all, Learn2Eel here with a quick and nice preview of some leaked Tau rules! Enjoy!

Just a preface, it is really late here, I'm tired, and I smell like oats (don't ask). I've got a bunch of pictures via Warseer that I want to share. These are in Spanish, so it is hard to make out exact details, but readers of the previous Tau codex should realize what is what pretty quickly; that and the points costs are perfectly eligible. Some notes of mine; Fire Warriors are very cheap, Crisis Suits are cheaper, the rumoured changes to rail weapons are true (Strength 8 AP 1 for Broadsides and S6 AP 1 for Sniper Teams, no change to Hammerhead), Fusion Blasters are now 18" with a 9" melta range (much better!), similar boost to Pulse Carbines with Assault 2 at 18", the Riptide is tough as hell with +2 armour 5 wounds and Toughness six and what appears to be a base +4 invulnerable save, etc. I can't make out too much more that isn't already obvious, but if you happen to have a translator, go crazy! When I get up this morning I'll try to decipher more of the pictures with the help of some friendly translations myself. Cheers, and have a good evening!


  1. I´m from Spain, so if anyone wants to ask, tell us

  2. I'm trying to discern if crisis weapon options are listed here but i'm getting lost in a maze of Spanish. I can see some profiles but no point costings. Anyone able to help?