9 May 2013

Thank You - From the Deepest Depths of our E-Hearts

   Hey everyone, JT here to break stride with our usual post schedule with a special post; special occasions demand special attention as it were. And what a special occasion it is; the totally awesome Aaron Dembski - Bowden did a short spiel about our website over on his Facebook page - which is truly amazing and certainly humbling.
   We at Imperator Industries have been working hard since we launched February 8th 2013 to bring the best Tactica series to the community; and to help our community grow into a more knowledgeable and friendly place for people of all skill levels. The response we have received since we first launched has been nothing short of amazing, with a 2000% increase following the first month in views; and today - we have gained another 200% in views and it is still early in the Google day.
   We would like to thank first and foremost our regular readers; you guys and your support is what keeps us going and reassures us that we are doing the right thing - we'd also like to welcome the large number of new readers that are just checking us out and we hope we can offer you the very best our little site is capable of doing. We also would like to thank +Bell of Lost Souls for adding us to the Alliance Elite, and supporting Learn2Eel on their page; and for giving us the idea to launch this blog in the first place - without their very generous help, we would never have gotten off the ground.
   And thank - you Aaron; your one acknowledgement has really helped to spur us on to new heights; and we are extremely grateful for what you have said - it was possibly the best random surprise we have received in our natural lives. For the few who are not aware of who Aaron Dembski - Bowden is, I suggest you purchase any Black Library book with his name on it; a personal favourite is the Night Lords series of novels and it is a must read for anyone interested in the lives of the traitors and the mere mortals who service them during the Long War with the Imperium; or simply any fan of Warhammer 40,000 or good sci - fi.

Cheers everyone.

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