5 Apr 2014

Incoming Tacticas

Hey guys, Learn2Eel here with a very quick update on what is happening at Imperator Guides. The next Tactica series will be the Astra Militarum as they are an impending release, though I may be doing Dark Elves on the side - thankfully, they aren't that dissimilar from High Elves and thus I think I know my way around them pretty well already. The Astra Militarum one will probably begin a week after its release day as I can't actually grab the codex until then, so don't be surprised if the 19th of April is when that series is initiated. In any case, I'll work out what to bring you guys in the mean time and let you know of any updates on progress! Cheers for the continuing support and have yourselves a very nice day!


  1. Thanks Mr Eel. I have thoroughly enjoyed the tyranid tactica! Any chance of covering the dataslates in the mean time? Leviathan Rising II especially has some great formations that contribute to a force.

    1. Hey mate, unfortunately for various reasons I don't own any data-slates at the moment, and I've set myself a hard policy of only reviewing products I own so that I'm not operating off of leaks and so on. Maybe in the future? Sorry!

  2. Your blog is great, can't wait for the IG.. ehm AM Tactica!