10 May 2014

7th Edition 40K and Imperator Guides

Hey guys, this is going to be a quick update on just how the new Warhammer 40,000 Edition (6.5 or 7th) is going to affect any outstanding and already published Tactica series. As a start, I'm going to halt progress on the Astra Militarum until probably a month or two after the release of the new edition. I see no point in writing a full Tactica series for a codex and then re-writing most of it to deal with inevitable rule or meta changes as it would just be a waste of time.

Additionally, I am going to go through and update all of my current Tactica series that were written for 6th Edition (except the old Tyranid codex one for obvious reasons) to fix up and discrepancies with the new rules and even provide some much needed updates after extensive play-testing. Extended play-time with certain units can see my opinion on them change rather dramatically - as has been the case with certain Chaos Daemon units in particular - so I hope I can provide more accurate tactics and thoughts for those entries.

In the mean-time, I will see if I can do some interim Dark Elf work as I have gotten in a lot of games with them in just over a month since my first model purchases for the army. The stand-out performers so far have been the Witch Elves by far, while Warlocks and Executioners have done well enough. I'm not too happy with the Cold One Knights, but that could just be due to the armies I face. I have also had a quick glance at the Wood Elf book and am suitably impressed as with the other two Matt Ward elf army books. They are a strong force with a potentially meta-changing answer to high armour saves, hopefully putting a stop to those ridiculous chariot spam Warriors of Chaos armies.

Other than that, there isn't really much to talk about unfortunately. Rest assured though that I'll be covering the new rulebook in its entirety and trying to help everyone ease into 7th Edition with contrast articles between previous and updated versions of the rules. I am looking forward to 7th Edition Warhammer 40,000 and in particular its attempts at balancing out all those horrible death-stars and maybe giving a bit more spice back to assault forces. I hope you have a nice day, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what we know about 7th Edition so far!


  1. What. 7th ed is coming out already???!! But but but but they didn't even update a few of the codexes to 6th ed. standards! Do you know any details about why this is happening? Thank you in advance for responding. (Oh and I absolutely loved your Astra militarum reviews.)

    1. Hey mate, it seems like a new edition of 40K is coming out in a few weeks; that is what they are advertising with that new poster in the White Dwarf. I guess they decided to consolidate all the supplements like Escalation and Stronghold Assault into one book, and the rumoured changes make it sound like the main rules are being built off of Apocalypse.

      Cheers for the feedback on the Astra Militarum articles! I'll wait a while until after the rulebook is out to do the full unit reviews for the book just so I don't end up having to re-write all the articles due to the new rulebook changes. Thanks for the continuing support!

  2. Your Tyranid tacticas are excellent. I can't wait for the update

  3. your tacticas are so good, i hold off on gluing models together.