17 Apr 2015

With Regards to Eldar

Hey guys, I wanted to put up a small post with my reaction to the various Eldar confirmed and rumoured changes and what effect that will have on the blog. Having viewed all of the major Warhammer 40,000 forums lately, it is quite obvious that many players are upset or otherwise bemused by what we have learned so far about the new codex. Massed Destroyer weapons and an over-powered Jetbike unit certainly don't paint a pretty picture for a rules update that should really be focused on toning down an already superlative army, but I do want to say that I think we should all wait up before labeling this as the "death of 7th Edition" as some have termed it. While we know Jetbikes are going to be too darned good, we have no idea what points costs will be associated with units such as Wraithguard and Wraithknights that can now bear Destroyer weapons. I hold out hope that this will be a well designed and balanced codex both internally and against the other 7th Edition books, even if early evidence does seem to speak to the contrary.

With that in mind, I'm going to wait until I have the codex in-hand before I cover it fully; I will go over all of the various changes between codices and hopefully transition into a full review, especially as my Ork review just isn't working out as I intended. I will continue to work on the Ork articles but I must impress upon those eagerly awaiting more on that army to be patient if possible as my previously documented struggles of late aren't really going away any time soon. Eldar are an easy army for me to review because I am more familiar with them than perhaps any other force I have used or otherwise covered, allowing me to develop and release content quicker for them. Aside from those two major codices, the only 7th Edition releases I have yet to cover are Blood Angels, Khorne Daemonkin, Harlequins and Skitarii; the latter three will probably be handled in one or two articles, though the first will obviously require more work due to the much greater selection of units. That being said, I'm more familiar with Blood Angels than any other Space Marine codex so that won't be too much of a "challenge" so to speak. In any case, I hope you are all enjoying yourselves and your hobby lately! I want to give a special mention to the recently released Bloodborne for occupying a lot of my time as well, and I do hope to do a review of that particular video game; I wanted to do reviews for numerous games released over the past six months but was either too sickly or never fully completed them to enable a proper overview.


  1. wraithknight is supposed to be 295 points.

    1. yup, which is WAY undercosted. It is sickening

  2. Thank you for your restraint. I knew there was a reason I subscribed to this blog. :)