27 Nov 2013

Birthday Wishes - Mr Jax!

Hey guys, Learn2Eel here with a quick and out of the ordinary little post about one of my favourite guys in the whole wide world, our very own Mr Jax. He's been doing some epic painting, basing and conversion for my Eldar, Tyranid and Crimson Fist armies, but over the past few days - as part of his birthday present from everyone - he's been getting to hard work on his own army; Warriors of Chaos! That's right, as of today, Mr Jax has a sweet new 2000 point army of Warriors of Chaos, and he's really eager to put them through their paces tomorrow. His first opponent is going to be me with my deadly Vampire Counts, led by Countess Bathery of the Lahmian Vampires! But I have an inkling that Sigvald's Carnival of Aberrations are going to prove who the greatest temptresses of all are - Slaanesh, or the blood-line of Neferata! In any case, I wish Mr Jax all the best for a great day, and you can leave your own birthday wishes for him here! I'll be certain to post an update on how the day went for Mr Jax's Sigvald-themed Slaanesh army tomorrow night, so stay tuned for some epic battle reports!

And don't take this to mean Space Marines are getting the could shoulder, by the way! I'm going to see if I can get the first Fast Attack article up in the next few days, now that I know I don't have to "rush" to meet a certain "dead-line" *wink* *wink*. With all that said, I hope you have yourselves a great day and expect to hear from me soon!

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