28 Nov 2013

Sigvald's Triumph

Learn2Eel here with a shorter than expected update on Sigvald's progress under the command of Mr Jax. The birthday boy only got one game in with his new army today - though many more are sure to follow - and it came against my nasty Vampire Counts. The odds were stacked in Countess Bathery's favour, her numerous Undead legionnaires and thrall monsters proving to be quite the challenge for Sigvald's small, yet elite, force.

However, disaster struck for the Vampire Countess; her escort of Black Knights were charged and crushed from both sides, leaving her to depart the field after receiving a light cut from Sigvald himself! Sigvald could not bear to see such a beautiful creature stricken and rent, and so the Magnificent Prince merely sliced at her arm, watching in apparent admiration at the black, lifeless blood that spilled forth. Enraged and embarrassed that her legions had failed her, and at the first sight of her own blood in centuries, Countess Bathery fled the field with Sigvald's corrupted warriors frozen by inaction. For indeed, Sigvald had commanded that this gem of the Southern Lands could not be spoiled further, and would cherish the deathly taint that she had left behind. For the ancient Countess of the Lahmian bloodline, her revenge was a plan already in formulation, even as her deathless warriors faded to dust and ash......


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