11 Feb 2014

A Temporary 'Nid Nap

Hey guys, Learn2Eel with a little update and one that I hope isn't too disappointing! The size and scope of the Tyranid Tactica series is unbelievable even to me, and posting an average eight to nine paragraph article up every day for a few weeks now is starting to drain on me. I wish to take a small break from the series so that I can set up my next few articles, sort out a few other article series I am looking at doing in the future, and also retroactively edit my Tyranid Tactica articles to add in a new "Recommended Build" section! This break will at most last a week, but will probably finish before then. I'm sorry for the delay and hope you guys are all doing well with your new Tyranids! Thanks again! Eel out.


  1. That's entirely fair. I've been tremendously enjoying your articles, but the sheer amount of writing involved must be ridiculous! So recharge and reorganize. I look forward to the continuation of your series!

  2. Great Work, Thanks. Its only fair that you take time to revisit your recommendations and play more.

    Happy harvesting

  3. Cheers guys! The support is really welcome :)

    I'll probably do those retro edits tomorrow, I'm weighing up how I should do it. I'm thinking I'll put as many recommended builds for each unit as is appropriate, i.e. Zoanthropes only have one (no upgrade options, bah!) but Hive Tyrants maybe three or four.

    Thanks again!