7 Mar 2014

The Popularity of Pyrovores

Howdy everyone, Learn2Eel here and I'll just say that this is going to be a quick one. No page break, nothing! My question is; why is my Pyrovore article so darn popular? In two days of being posted up it managed to hit about 1500 views. For comparison, my recent Raveners article has hit about 300 days in one day, with most of my articles hitting 300 to 400 views in that two day time span. Seriously, why is the Pyrovore article so popular? How did it get such an astounding number of views? It is already my 10th most popular blog post ever based on views, and the company it is in have all been around for anywhere between a year to four months. What's the go? I saw it shared on Reddit but I don't see how that would have constituted all those views. Any input would be greatly appreciated as this is an incredibly curious situation for me!


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  2. I'd guess it's because a) it's fun to read and b) maybe people thought you found a way to fix pyros, i.e. make them valid in some sort of genius way.
    Maybe they WANT to believe :)

    1. Hmm, I guess that's true. I guess I vented my frustration towards the rules designers in a pretty....unique way! I love my satire, it is the most entertaining part of life I find.

      As far as the second point goes, well, I guess that's true. The last codex did have a way to make them work, ironically, despite the Pyrovores themselves being better in the new book. They need to stay behind which completely defeats the point of having models armed with template weapons.

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    1. i shared it on reddit like the day it was posted... sometimes i share my blog posts on there and its a good 500-1000 view bump over a week

    2. Yeah I noticed you shared it and said me going nuts over the Pyrovore was glorious :) Hehe I'm glad you liked the article! Thanks for sharing it on Reddit mate! I guess that explains all those views!

  4. I liked that you gave serious time and effort and thought to basically a throw-away entry and a model that people proxy for Biovores, because it is a better looking model.