15 Sept 2014

Why Imperator Guides Temporarily Shut Down

Hey guys, with the blog now back up and running I am sure there is but one burning question on everyone's minds; what happened for the blog to be shut down in the first place? While I have been sharing updates on our Facebook page and also sought advice on +Bell of Lost Souls, a lot of you are doubtless in the dark about what transpired. With that in mind, here is the rundown;

a) Google's Terms of Service states that links to any malicious content (malware, also commonly known as viruses) in a blog will result in the blog being temporarily shut down until the malicious content (or links to it) is removed.
b) Blogger/Google have an automatic system for scanning links and detecting malware that reported malicious content had been detected in two of my year-old Space Marine articles. The only links in the articles were to pictures taken from Google Search.
c) Even though the pictures themselves were safe, clicking on them could redirect viewers to websites that contained malicious content. While the websites these images linked to (i.e. were sourced from) may not have necessarily contained malicious content when the articles were first posted, evidently malicious content has made its way on to those websites.
d) I do not know which pictures were specifically to blame, but I have since removed all pictures and any possible links from the two offending articles and placed them in "Draft" form - once the all-clear is given, I will re-post them as they are currently: safe and devoid of pictures.
e) I addressed the issue within a few hours of it being brought to my attention, but Google did not immediately re-instate the blog to full activity. This is obviously a warranted precaution and I must express my gratitude for their response, even if all of it was likely handled automatically without user input.

The timing of this situation was unfortunate not only for all the obvious reasons but mostly because the blog reached that amazing 700,000 view milestone only a few days before this occurred. In fact, the night of the blog being taken down was also when I was supposed to post up that "commemorating 300 posts" update! Unfortunate timing indeed, but thankfully it seems like no harm was done and the blog can resume as normal. Rest assured that I am still committed to bringing you tactics articles, video game reviews and other content as normal regardless of what has transpired this past week. I do not in any way want to have viewers' computers infected by malware or "viruses" so if this ever happens again I will be sure to let you all know about it and remove the compromised links where necessary.

All of that aside, I wish to express my gratitude for the continuing support of our fans, friends and family and wish you all a very good day. I am very sorry about what happened and accept full culpability for potentially risking the cyber-safety of any viewers of Imperator Guides. Hopefully this never happens again and we can all move on with what should be an exciting end to the hobby year with more End Times and various Warhammer 40,000 releases still to come. Have yourselves a lovely day! Eel out.


  1. Glad to have you back, and can't wait for the next articles!

  2. Whew! Any chance you will be doing a Ork write up any time soon? Would be interested to hear your thoughts on Orks in 7th ed.

    1. Hopefully soon, I want to try and run a little mix of 40K and Fantasy at the moment as I get back into the swing of things but Orks, Space Wolves and Grey Knights should all be sorted soon. Depending on how I go for time I may even start work on them in the next few days! I'll keep you all posted :)

  3. Glad you are back up and running! Have to say I was more than a little confused when being denied access to your latest IG tactica! Look forward to the rest of the articles now normal service is resumed.

  4. Glad to see you all ship-shape again!

  5. I've got a few Astra Militarum articles in the works now that Fast Attack and Heavy Support are the only two slots left to review, but in the mean-time I'll be doing a few Warhammer Fantasy: Dwarves articles to break up the content a bit. I've had more than a few viewers infer that they want some more love for Fantasy in light of all the 40K stuff I have been posting lately! The first of these Dwarf articles will go up tonight, but I'll be returning to Astra Militarum shortly. For Orks, Space Wolves and Grey Knights, expect some progress soon! :) Enjoy!