31 Dec 2014

New Years Update

Hey guys, I hope you have been enjoying your Christmas holidays! The recent lack of updates for the blog is due to me having a tiring and busy month so far; I haven't had a proper sleep in so long due to the summer (South Hemisphere) heat and those damned mosquitoes! I'm never a fan of having to make these status updates for the blog as I would much rather be putting a post up every night, but alas, that is truly impossible at the moment. You can expect a continuation of the Ork Tactica - we are now up to Meganobz - soon, that or a review of the upcoming End Times: Thanquol. Whichever comes first will inevitably lead into the other so you can be certain that regular posts will become the norm once more within a week or two. As an aside, how have your holidays been? Was Christmas as fun for you as it was for me? Are you looking forward to the new year - at the time of posting, it was nine hours and twenty-eight minutes to New Years here in Australia - and if so, what are you hoping to achieve hobby-wise? I'll leave it at that and let you go about your day, but please make sure to enjoy yourself and be prepared for 2015!


  1. My Christmas was good--my wife gave me a Lego set :)

  2. I've made a resolution not to buy any more models until in finish painting all the ones I have. Let's see how long that lasts...

    Looking forward to future posts! :)