1 Mar 2013

The Quiet Before The Storm

   Hey guys, JT here with just a quick announcement - we have been quiet the past few days; and we do apologize to our loyal readers for this (the fact we even have loyal readers after only 3 weeks of existence is amazing xD) but we will be making it up to everyone with the sheer boat load of coverage we will have up tomorrow for the new Daemons Codex - we will be beginning with a Codex Summary for everyone to read whilst they await the opening of the local stores in their territory (being in Australia mean's we're ahead of the rest of the world) and will follow up the same day with the start of L2E's Daemon's tactica series. I will update with approximate time's for both sometime later today; however, we aim to have both articles up and ready by 6am for North America (EST?) and 11am for the UK.

So, just how excited are you guys for the new Daemon's? We know we are!

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