12 Oct 2014

The Home Stretch

Rejoice everyone! The Astra Militarum series is almost finished now that we are into the Heavy Support section, leaving only four articles to be done (I will combine the Manticore and Deathstrike articles). The long-awaited Orks series will be hot on its heels - as much as I wanted to cover Orks at the same time, I've found I become far too engrossed in a particular codex when I am reviewing it to do more than one simultaneously. This isn't so much an issue if I do one Warhammer 40,000 codex and one Warhammer Fantasy army book at the same time as I am split between the two rule systems, but drawing my mind to two different armies in the same system has proven to be oddly taxing for reasons that I find difficult to truly explain.

Regardless, to finally be nearing the completion of a series that started all the way back in the middle of June - as of October 17th the series will have been ongoing for four months! - is making me feel so much better as it means I will soon be able to get back into the swing of things with all the new 7th Edition releases. As to why the Astra Militarum series has taken far longer than any other, the choice to do individual unit reviews like my Tyranid articles coupled with increasingly common delays due to sickness or busy weeks have been the main instigators. Thankfully though I couldn't be in a happier state now as there is plenty to look forward to with Orks, Grey Knights, Space Wolves and now Dark Eldar all awaiting my attention - I'm going to try and further condense these articles as was initially the goal with the Astra Militarum series (though we all know how that ended up). As always though, no promises - but what I can say for sure is that we are now in the home stretch for the 'Hammer of the Emperor'!


  1. Good stuff

    Really enjoy your articles and in particular the Astr.. Imperial Guard ones as they are close to my heart. I would be happy with more condensed articles IF it allowed you to get stuff out quicker - but you gotta go with what works best for you eh!

    One thing I do miss (and you may dropped for a reason I forget) is the suggested unit builds you used to accompany with each unit review.

    As an extension of that I'd also love to see suggested army builds at the end of a book series - iconic builds, stand out combinations with how they might be played as a whole - that kinda stuff.


    1. Cheers mate!

      I actually can't even remember why the Recommended Builds disappeared, now that you mention it I will be adding them back into the Orks articles. I'm guessing doing so many character articles in the extended HQ section had me forget they were necessary.

      I have done something like that before with Space Marines, and I'll see if I can do it with the Astra Militarum - after all, it is by far my biggest series so far! I'll see what I can do, cheers!

  2. Hey Jack,
    Let me give you some quick advice. Personally, I would stick with overviews and in the manner that you're doing right now. Keep doing the Competitive; Y/N at the end, but mainly focus on giving players an overview of the unit. Why? Because that's what I like reading on your blog, since there's already others on the blogosphere for strategy and tactics (such as mine). You already fill a certain niche that players look for, so I would play off of that as much as you can.

    1. I'm thinking I will do Unit Overviews for Space Wolves, Grey Knights and Dark Eldar - no point doing one for Orks as they are up next for the main review. I'll still keep the reviews going but have Unit Overviews at the same time, that way I should never run out of stuff to write!