13 Dec 2013

Updating the Portals

Hey guys, Learn2Eel here with a quick update! Tonight, after posting that new Space Marine Tactica article, I resolved to fix up our 'Hobby Portal' and, most important of all, the 'Tactics Portal' so that all those articles I've put up lately - including the ever numerous Space Marine ones - can be found with but two clicks! This will make viewing the extensive Space Marine series far easier, and it will also allow me to more effectively do those 'Revisited' articles I kicked off earlier this year when I had a second look at Wraith armies following the new Eldar codex. I hope this makes browsing my Tacticas a far easier endeavour for you, and I will make sure to list any future articles either in the 'Hobby Portal' or 'Tactics Portal' for future viewing! And as a little bonus, I'm going to be going over the confirmed rules for Tyranids from the White Dwarf and analyzing just what they mean. Thanks again! Have a great day! Eel out.


  1. Hi L2e,

    Can you updated your recommended blogs too please? I stopped Wild Serpent Blog a good while ago to start a new blog called The Witchblade. Can you add Witchbladeblog.blogspot.ie instead of wild serpent? Thanks

    1. I wanted to fix it up all those months ago, but I have no honest idea on how to change that thing. I've reminded Mr Jax several times, but he's ignored me (which I am very annoyed about!!!!) I'm going to try and do it myself now because apparently doing a minute or two of work is too hard for Jaxie boy!

    2. There we go, all fixed up! I didn't realize it was so easy to fix! Argh, I wish I knew how to do it earlier lol. Sorry about that!

  2. This is great news! I was actually thinking about contacting you to ask you to do this. So thanks for that!