11 Dec 2013

Tyranid Pictures on BoLS!

Hey guys, Learn2Eel here with a special update; the new Tyranid models have been leaked, and oh my, THEY ARE SO AMAZING! This is in my opinion, even just from crappy low-resolution photos, the *best* release of 6th Edition so far. Fantastic, absolutely fantastic! You can see the new models for yourself over on +Bell of Lost Souls in this thread, pages 52 to 55! Enjoy! In the mean-time, below are my thoughts on the new models!

I've been looking at all the pictures for a while now, and here are my thoughts;

Haruspex (tentacle mouth beast) - We can't really see the back or middle of the body, though we can make out a scorpion tail. This is a disgusting model to look at, and it fits perfectly with what Tyranids should be - a sickening foe to fight against. I'm really impressed that GW had the nerve to make such an outlandish model and throwback to the old Epic stuff. A great model! Rules wise, it is supposed to "obliterate armour like it doesn't even exist", which is likely a reference to it being able to tear Super Heavies and AV15 Fortifications to pieces with no difficulty. Possibility of Destroyer melee attacks, or it just outright 'eats' vehicles.

Exocrine (big gun beast) - This thing is a lot less 'inspiring' a design than the Haruspex, but it makes up for that by being a very solid looking model. It looks like an "evolution" of the Tyrannofex. Nothing amazing, but still a good looking model. I personally prefer the Haruspex. A good model! Rules wise, I can see where this will slot in. People forget that only one ranged weapon on a Tyrannofex exceeds 24", and that might change in the codex. The Tyrannofex is the medium range 'gunboat'. This thing is a *true* artillery piece. I'm expecting one/two Barrage Large Blasts with Strength 10 AP 2/3. It's even a possibility of being a Destroyer ranged weapon.

Harpy - Oh god yes. This has been easily the most requested Tyranid model ever, and it is just downright amazing. GW have actually managed to not only live up to the hype but, in my opinion, surpass it. A fantastic model. By the flying stand shot, this looks to be the size and width of a Heldrake, which fits just fine for me. A stunning model!

Crone (alternate flyer build) - Wow! Those little tentacle things daboarder quoted earlier are missile weapons on this thing's wings. This reminds me of a Starcraft 2 Brood Lord, and it is downright awesome. The mouth thing is odd, it looks almost like a baleflamer, but rules wise I expect all of this things' guns to be completely dedicated to anti-air. A great model!

Tyrant Guard - I really like these, though I understand why others don't. To me, they now actually look like they can SHIELD HIVE TYRANTS!!!! This looks like a model that will stand in front of a Hive Tyrant and actually take a shot for it. The weapons and overall design are cool, and I love the little Space Marine helmet it's clutching. Nice!

Hive Guard - Already gone over these, but next to the Tyrant Guard, I can definitely see what they were going for. I really like them.

Tyranid Prime - The pose isn't the best I think, but the model itself looks sick. It looks like a miniature Xenomorph Queen, and a throwback to the classic Hive Tyrants. Very nice. I prefer my converted one though

Warriors - They don't look *too* much different, but they are certainly an improvement. Thumbs up from me!

I have to say, this is a great release and it shows; the feedback has, unbelievably, been almost universally positive. This is the first release I can think of where there hasn't been a huge outcry to at least one model. And hey, this is 99% most likely just the first wave!

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