21 Jul 2014

Nurgle's Untimely Blessings (I'm sick!)

Hey guys, since Saturday I've been affected by a really bad mixture; asthma, virus and fever. I've been in bed for at least 60 of the past 72 hours and struggling to sleep, let alone do anything like go to the bathroom or eat. I'm feeling a bit better at the moment so I can write this and let you all know that until I'm mostly cured I just don't have the mental capacity to do any real blogging. Sorry guys!


  1. If some of those round things with holes start coming out of your skin, try and figure out what they are because I've always wondered!

  2. Get well soon mate because if not, the Inquisition will be knocking on your door :)

  3. Been a while since a new post. I hope you're on the mend Mr. White