12 Feb 2013

Change of Plans - and Thank You!

   Hey guys, just a quick update - we'll be launching part 2 of our Tyranid Tactica at 2pm EST, which is 10pm in New York, 7pm in LA and 3am over in the UK. We're still working on when the best time to be launching our tactica's will be, as we are only a new site - there will be frequent changes such as these as we fine - tune our release corridors to deliver the best information at the most convenient times to you; our loyal readers.
   We would like to thank everyone who has been checking out the blog, even though it is still largely in its infancy and not entirely complete - without you, we would not be so inclined to keep working to give you the content - and we appreciate every single view we get that has helped make our independent little site a resounding success.
   As always, we extend our invitation for you to share your suggestions, critiques and discussion points here on the site - help us to help you.
   Thank - you again, and watch this space for part 2 of L2E's Tyranid Tactica!

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