25 Feb 2013

The first Imperator Guide!

   Hey guys JT here with a very special announcement - until now we have been steadily producing content on the blog and over at BoLS to help everyone in the community with their wargaming; however, we are geared towards helping the beginner's amongst us or those who are interested in really getting to know the game's systems as deeply as possible. To help us achieve that end, and to produce something you guys can take away (literally) from the site - we are producing a comprehensive Starter Guide for Warhammer 40,000 that will be available in PDF format for you to download, print and distribute to your hearts content.

    The guide will be designed to help ease the shock new player's may experience upon first entering the world of tabletop wargaming - and to offer helpful hobby tips, army list design tips as well as every thing else a new player may need to help get them started.
   As of now, we have no set - in -stone release date for the guide and we are very much looking forward to getting feedback from the community about what you would like to see put into such a guide. We will be treating the guide as a living document that will be updated by us regularly. If you would like to contribute to the guide, or would like to edit it - let us know in the comment section below or over at the BoLS Lounge.

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