10 Feb 2013

Tyranid Tactica Coming Soon!

Hey guys, JT here - L2E's been working like a mad man (the weather is terrible at the moment here in Sydney) on a Tyranid Tactica! We're working on collating all of our tactica's into one, easy to find hub for your viewing pleasure - remember that all of our articles are available on your smart - phone or tablet, so you can take our words of wisdom with you to your next battlefield.
If you're curious about starting a new swarm, have an already existing force or merely want to know what you're up against - these guides will contain al the information to help you have the best game possible.
The first part of his tactica will go live, here, at 11:00pm EST on Monday, which will be about 6:00am for you Americans, and some - time in the afternoon for our friends in the UK. Remember to watch this space for all of the latest news, reviews and helpful guides to help you game at your best!
Nobody like's losing right?
We are hoping that these articles will be up on +Bell of Lost Souls in the near future, be sure to check them out to see some exclusive articles from the mad mind of Learn2Eel.\
Remember to leave your suggestions for future articles and guides here or on the BoLS lounge, or find us on facebook - remember to like us - presently we have received a request for some Dark Eldar related information, what do the rest of you guys think?

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