23 Jul 2013

Lizardmen Leaks

Hey guys, Learn2Eel here with a very quick update on the next Games Workshop release!

Lizardmen are definitely here, as was predicted by many different individuals, and they truly look to be a big release! There are a lot of cool looking characters, and I count at least three large and nasty monsters that truly look to be gigantic! As well, a famous Carnosaur riding lord has been given a hefty model update, and it looks splendid! The video also confirms that Lizardmen do indeed have their own magic lore, though whatever similarities this has with High Magic remains to be seen.

You can view the images here; scroll down the page to see them in full.


For a better look at the White Dwarf, have a glance at this video, and start from minute thirty seven.


What do you guys think of these images? Even despite the low image quality, I think these are great looking models and I'm really excited to see how the rules pan out! Who else is looking forward to this release?

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